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The 96815 has been a bit chilly lately; a frigid 68 degrees from sunset to sunrise. I know what you are thinking; 68 degrees is not considered cold. Around here that's "break out your sweater" weather. We were doing our usual stroll around Waikiki in our sweaters and happened upon the Pau Hana Market, a collection of food trucks cooking up some ethnically delicious foods. We decided on Kamitoku Ramen to warm us up. My bowl of the "Beefy Wild" was everything I had hoped for: firm, skinny egg noodles swimming in a garlicky, savory broth topped with bamboo, green onions, bean sprouts, and half a hard-boiled egg. I finished my entire bowl, worked up a sweat and almost had to shed my sweater. Well, not quite, it was perfect ramen weather - even in my sweater.

The 96815 Tip: Check out www.pauhanamarket.com for a complete listing of eateries at the market.

Kamitoku Ramen, 11am to 10pm daily, 234 Beachwalk Ave, The 96815