Hawaiian Sun


When I moved back to Oahu a few years ago, I didn’t think twice about how my new life having fun in the Waikiki sun could cause some noticeable damage to my skin. So, on a sunny afternoon in Hawaii, I’m at Honolulu MedSpa (rather than at the beach) talking to one of their experienced estheticians on ways in which I can reverse some sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and improve the overall texture of my skin. After taking a good look at my face, neck and chest, the esthetician recommends I start with a HydraFacial. I’m leery of facials because my skin seems to be very sensitive and erupts with redness with the slightest bit of rousing, poking or prodding, but I was willing to take a chance. The HydraFacial is a liquid microdermabrasion treatment that gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing the new skin with a series of serums. The procedure was noninvasive and did not irritate my overly sensitive skin one bit. I left feeling new and with a youthful glow to boot! I instantly saw and felt an improvement to my skin.

Of course, one treatment won’t fix your skin forever. The Medspa suggests a series of 6 treatments every couple of weeks to see lasting results beyond just a few days. I’ll be following up with some more treatments to hopefully rid my skin of excess oil, enlarged pores and dull texture. While I wait for my next treatment, Courtney, one of Honolulu Medspa’s amazing nurses on staff, customized a corrective skin product routine for me to implement at home. First, I use a gentle cleanser in the morning and a night. With a fresh, squeaky clean face, I apply C E Ferulic by SkinCeuticals which is a combination of antioxidant vitamins C+E with ferulic acid to better prevent premature signs of aging, while stimulating collagen production which will work to diminish the appearance of photodamage. Next, I layer the Advanced Pigment Corrector, also by SkinCeuticals, which exfoliates and improves skin's luminosity while fighting my spots of hyperpigmentation. Last, but not least, I hydrate with my favorite product HA5 by SkinMedica. This rejuvenating hydrator leaves my skin feeling silky, soft and smooth. I know this sounds like a lot, but by just adding a few minutes to your routine in the morning and a night your skin will improve over time for the better. While I’ve always dreamt of growing old under the Hawaiian sun, I hope my new skin routine coupled with a series of HydraFacials will keep me feeling and looking just a bit younger.