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Hawaii Style
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waikiki beach

Over the long holiday weekend, we found some extra time to play tourist in the 96815. The best days can be spent Waikiki wandering with no plans and no agenda; simply consuming, basking and indulging in the best of Waikiki. After some sun baking, swimming, and shopping, we popped into one of our favorite spots, the beach bar at Bill's, for a quick bite and a coffee. Regardless of whether it is breakfast time or not, we can't fight the urge to order the banana ricotta pancakes. Those fluffy pieces of heaven are just too hard to resist! To our disappointment, we found they are only offered upstairs in the dining room, so we opted for the fruit and yogurt version, which turned out to be equally delicious. Final sips of Stumptown Coffee down the hatch and we're ready to get back to the beach for the last bits of summertime. That's a day spent Waikiki Wandering.


The 96815

Bill's Waikiki, 280 Beachwalk Ave, The 96815.