Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In
Rainbow Drive In Waikiki
Rainbow Drive In

If you have ever been on Kapahulu Ave in the 96815, you may have passed the legendary Rainbow Drive-In. Well-preserved for over 50 years, it serves up all the local favorites daily. While they are known for their Loco Moco and mix plate lunches, my favorite has to be the cheeseburger, fries and a float. It is my ideal comfort meal. In addition to their good eats, part of the Rainbow charm is the authentic vintage vibe. Enjoying my simplistic meal, I like to think about what the 96815 was like when this restaurant first opened many years ago. The atmosphere, music, people, and style from a different time are all coming together to paint a nostalgic picture in my mind. I find myself on the last sips of my float and it's time to wake up from my 1960's daydream. I awaken happy and full. Reality is still pretty dreamy at this classic neighborhood spot. 

Rainbow Drive-In, Open Daily 7am to 9pm, 3308 Kanaina Ave, the 96815