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As the Hawaiian sky changes from crystal blue to vibrant orange, it's time for one last dip in the cool Pacific before heading to dinner. Sunbaked and famished, we are excited to dine at Blue Marlin, a new culinary experience located in the heart of the 96815.  Mostly drawn from our ocean waters, Blue Marlinโ€™s dishes are influenced by the multicultural flavors of the islands.  Few can nail the whole fusion thing on its head, but Blue Marlin proves to have done its research, effortlessly blending and accenting thoughtful pairings on the plate. We decide to go casual with sushi and tropical libations at the bar. The decor is delightfully nautical and reminiscent of summers spent in the fishing village of Montauk, NY. One drink leads to another and we find ourselves hungry again; ready for one of the visually impressive entrees that have been making their way into the al fresco dining area. We try the Kakiage Tempura and the Garlic Shrimp Paella. The tempura arrives at the table in the shape of the leaning tower of Pisa. We quickly devour the tower, before moving on to the crispy deliciousness of the paella. Dear Blue Marlin, we are in love and will be back for more!

The 96815 Tip: fresh sushi, island inspired cocktails and $5 tapas at the bar make for the perfect ending to a Waikiki beach day.  Pull up a stool; we'll be there unwinding with a Kalakaua Blues and a Shrimp Dragon Roll after a day of sun, sand and waves.

364 Seaside Ave 96815, 5pm - 11pm. Lunch is served next door at HI Tide Poke, a Blue Marlin production serving fresh fish daily.