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Over the weekend, we were feeling like some fun in the sun was in order. When our friends from Koa Beach Service invited us to spend a day on Waikiki Beach, I was already thinking an enthusiastic "yes!" before the invite was complete. All weekend, I was dreaming up our Sunday by the sea. I often pass Koa Beach Service on morning walks and think how charmed these sunny days must be spent under their signature green umbrellas gazing at the picturesque white clouds hovering over the crystal blue water below. Some days it looks too good to be true; as if it's a painting I have found my way into and that I never want to leave.

At the beach, we set up shop, read a few magazines, play a game or two of backgammon and, well, just relax. After a quick cat nap, we were ready for some action. Koa Beach Service rents just about every beach toy you could possibly imagine. Surfboards, standup paddle boards, kayaks, snorkels, bodyboards, umbrellas, chairs and the list goes on. If you have enough people, you can even get a volleyball game going on their sand court right off the beach.  My personal favorite has to be the bright green aqua bikes. I don't know what it is, but something about the bikes just makes me smile.  I wish I could trade in my car for one of these and cruise along Waikiki Beach making stops at all my favorite places. Maybe someday. In addition to having the best spot on the water in the 96815, and all the right beach day accessories, the crew at Koa Beach is one of a kind. Friendly service with aloha. I'm sure there have been many vacation days spent here described as "perfect." Our Aloha Sunday was just that.

The 96815 Tip: Want to learn how to surf? Koa Beach Service has got you covered; give them a call and schedule a lesson! 

Koa Beach Service, 2055 Kalia Road, the 96815, 808.944.1962

Photography by Craig Ellenwood