Island Magic

Sailing In Waikiki
Island Magic Catamaran in Waikiki
Sailing Waikiki Beach
Island Magic Catamaran
Catamaran Waikiki
Island Magic Catamaran
Sailing in Waikiki
Waikiki Beach Sailing
Island Magic Catamaran in Waikiki

The holidays are here and in full swing! Parties, festive drinks, tropical Christmas decorations, and friends visiting from out of town have all made for a fun and memorable holiday season thus far. A few weekends ago, we had the chance to join our friends from Koa Beach Service for their holiday party on the Island Magic Catamaran. Koa Beach has the right idea for a party!  There simply is no better way to celebrate than by floating on the Pacific between the setting sun and the glittery, golden lights of Waikiki.

If you find yourself in the 96815, we recommend a sail aboard Island Magic. You will not be disappointed. Located on the beach just outside of the Outrigger Reef Hotel, Island Magic operates daily from morning to sunset and offers a variety of sails including snorkeling tours and private charters. There is something magical about this boat with its pink and white sail gliding effortlessly across the sea. It was definitely a memorable experience. I loved looking back at Waikiki and Diamond Head from the water. In a matter of minutes, Waikiki changes from cool blues to pinks and then to gold as the moon rises over the mountains. On this particular night, the moon was a full, round golden globe. I get goose bumps thinking about it now! We really are so lucky to call this place home. It's a beautiful life sharing a cup of Island Magic cheer with good company against this gorgeous, breathtaking backdrop. It is no wonder that the millions of people who visit each year fall in love and find their paradise here. I seem to find paradise over and over again with each day living in the 96815. This island really is magic.

The 96815 Tip: Our friends at Island Magic let us in on some exciting news during our sunset sail. Waikiki Beach will soon be home to a brand new Morelli & Melvin Catamaran! The state of the art designed MM45 is expected to hit the water in early spring 2015. This beautiful vessel will be sailing daily and available for private charters. Please contact for more information and bookings. 

Island Magic Catamaran, 808-922-2210, all aboard on the beach outside the Outrigger Reef Hotel, The 96815.

Photography by the talented Ijfke Ridgley